Airsoft Manila features field use rental airsoft guns available to all players on a first come first serve basis. What AEG's can you rent? We currently feature a pool of over thirty rental airsoft weapons to choose from including several styles of M4/M16, AK47, MP5, G36, M14 and more. We also feature gas blow back action airsoft pistols for rent as well.

All airsoft rental packages include safety goggles and safety vest

Airsoft Gun Rental Package 1 * Includes full day rental of Standard airsoft AEG+battery and hi capacity magazine.

Airsoft Gun Rental Package 2 * Includes full day rental of Airsoft Support Weapon (M249/M60)+ battery and electric feed box magazine.

Airsoft Gas Blow back Pistol Rental * Includes full day rental of gas blowback pistol of choice + 2 magazines.